Sunday, September 1, 2013

Microsoft Masters program canceled

I June I did my rotation of the Exchange Masters training and also passed the test to become Exchange Master, MCSM (Microsoft Certified Solution Master). Training and test are intense and I am both glad and proud to have gained a lot of knowledge and new friends together with the MCSM title. so life is good with med and the Masters community until an email from Microsoft Learning sits in my inbox on Friday saying that the Masters and Architect programs are to be canceled. Read Neil Johnson (who is one of the teachers at the training) blog for the full email.

It has been a very intense day of people expressing their feelings and thoughts about this and the overall saying is that this is cannot be true it must be a very bad joke. Personally I couldn’t agree more. Cancel the highest certification you can achieve on Microsoft technology is something you simple don’t do, no matter what. Think about what signals this send out to people out there.

See what others are writing on the subject on Internet:

A SQL master guy even posted suggestion to vote on Connect site, sadly the connect site has been up and down the past 24 hours.

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