Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Have plenty of Public Folders and thinking Exchange 2013?

Think harder…
Microsoft some time ago published some information about modern public folder limitations in this TechNet article describing for example that you are only supported if you have less than 100 public folder mailboxes or no more than 10.000 folders.

Question is what you do when you have more than the limits mentioned? delete some, move some stuff to other solutions, don’t migrate to Exchange 2013 or at least do not migrate your public folders to 2013. None of the above don’t sound that appealing if you have decided to go for 2013. Easiest would be to leave public folders on your older Exchange but that has drawbacks as well such as not being able to enable Kerberos authentication or mapi/http. Exchange also behave a little strange sometimes when you’re using both Exchange 2013 and earlier version together.

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